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TYO hosts UNRWA schoolteachers


On Wednesday, 29 April 2009 TYO hosted several of its stakeholders from the UNRWA school system.  The meetings aim was to discuss the reciprocal nature of our work with the children of Nablus. Present were the many teachers, social workers and principles that over our first year helped us recruit and enroll children for our many programs and activities. While Outreach Specialist Futoon Qadri meets with this important group often in their respective areas and schools, this meeting marked our first collective gathering at the TYO Center. Many important topics were discussed including the children’s progress at the UNRWA schools and in TYO. This meeting marked the first of several proposed monthly meetings intended to foster a strong relationship, based on understanding and cooperation, between TYO and UNRWA professionals.  TYO appreciates and applauds the following UNRWA staff for their yearlong and continuing to commitment to TYO: Ms. Khadija, Ms. Abeer and Ms. Sabriyya from Balata refugee camp, Ms. Huda, Ms. Banya, Ms. Basima and Mr. Omar from Askar refugee camp and Mr. Ali from El Ein Beit El Ma refugee camp. We look forward to continuing to work together to improve TYO’s programs and activities and the lives of children in Nablus.


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