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    EFL Fellow Moh's class enjoys an activity.

    EFL Fellow Leandro leads his class.

    EFL Student Renad plays a game during EFL class.

    EFL students Adham and Saad perform a skit during EFL class.

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Final Parents Survey, Spring 2009 Session

The Core Program Teachers conducted a Final Parent Survey following the end of the Spring 2009 Session. The teachers contacted forty-six parents over the phone and asked them questions designed by Suhad. TYO compares Initial and Final Parent Surveys to determine the impact of its program on each child and identify which children could benefit from further services either from TYO or by referral.

  • 93% of parents reported that their child likes coming to TYO
  • 96% of parents reported that their child learned new things as a result of attending the TYO Core Program
  • 83% of parents reported that their child formed new friendships as a result of attending the TYO Core Program
  • 93% of parents reported that there is progress in their children’s familial interactions and 91% reported progress in their child’s peer interactions
  • 89% of parents reported that their child had a better understanding of safety
  • 83% of parents reported that their child is less shy as a results of attending the TYO Core Program
  • 81% of parents reported positives changes in their child’s sleep patterns
  • 89% of parents reported improvement in their child’s self-expression
  • 76% of parents reported improvement in their child’s control of his temper

Click Read More to view comments from parents here or visit the TYO hompage and view our Results page which highlights our impact over the last year.

Comments from Parents

−    My son is more active. You won’t believe the excited way he returns from school and immediately goes to wait for the TYO bus.

−    My daughter is more brave and asking more questions. She is using new vocabulary and strong self-expression.

−    My son’s schoolwork has improved.

−    My son is a more active listener.

−    My son has better personal hygiene

−    My son has displayed new and positive ways of playing with his siblings.

−    Our children have formed new friendships between Balata and Askar refugee camps.

−    My daughter used to resist orders and rules.  After the tolerance unit at TYO, there was a conflict between her and her sister and she taught her sister about tolerance and they shook hands. I was so happy.

−    At TYO, I found a safe place for my daughter, which is great. TYO has taught my daughter to communicate with her fear and organize herself.


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