Upcoming cultural events in and around Nablus!

TYO is excited to share news about some great cultural events coming up in and around Nablus!

Our partner, Al Kamandjati Association, is coordinating a Music Days Festival in this period. One highlight will be an international music event on Friday, June 12 in one of the Holy Land’s most significant historical sites: Sebastia. Read more about Sebastia and its historical assets here, and then come join local and international TYO team, as well as other Kamandjati fans and partners for food, sightseeing and music!

There will be a bring-your-own picnic starting at 11 am, and then four international music groups (2 Palestinian groups, as well as an Italian and Norwegian ensemble) will start at 4:30 pm.

Kamandjati will also put on a show at TYO Nablus on Tuesday, June 16!

Finally, there’ll be a performance of La Boheme in Nablus at the new campus of An Najah University on Wednesday, June 17.

For all of you in the West Bank, come on up to Nablus and enjoy the music and sites with the TYO team! And for the rest of you not lucky enough to be here to join in, keep your eyes out for photos…


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