Intern Journal: A trip down Abraham’s lane….

It is hard to believe it has only been two weeks here at TYO. We have already not only enjoyed the sites of Nablus, but also those of neighboring towns and landscapes. Most recently, we went on a beautiful eight-hour “walk” (that was really a grueling hike) along what is thought to be one of the original paths walked by Abraham through ancient Palestine. After leaving Al Mghaier, a town outside of Ramallah, at around 8:30 in the morning, we trekked for a few hours to the town of Kafer Malek for some fantastic maklouba and a much-needed rest (for me, at least).  A few more hours later, we arrived at our final destination, Taybeh, totally exhausted, but with a huge sense of accomplishment. Taybeh is a beautiful town in the south of the West Bank, known for its  primarily Christian Palestinian community. After a few strolls around town and a visit to the famous local microbrewery (appropriately named Taybeh Brewing Company) the next day, we headed back to Nablus –  home, sweet home.  (The drive, incidentally, took about 40 minutes in comparison to the monstrous nine-hour hike).  Despite our sunburns and epic battles with mosquitoes, it was an absolutely fantastic excursion, filled with incredible sights and fun memories. Welcome to the West Bank!