TYO Volunteers Met Volunteers from the USA


On Wednesday June 10th 2009, TYO had 17 visitors from the United States. They were from the group, Students Interfaith Peace Project (SIPP).  International Relations Director Nell gave the students a brief overview of TYO and what we do in the Nablus area. I talked about the Volunteer Program and invited our volunteers to introduce themselves to our visitors. Several of the volunteers talked how TYO is important to the kids of Nablus.

After all the introductions, we split the guests and the volunteers into five binational groups and asked them to exchange ideas about words like “Palestine,” “Palestinian,” “conflict,” and “occupation.” After a lively discussion, we enjoyed more casual conversation among teens over falafel sandwiches.

After lunch, we toured the Old City of Nablus and saw many places, which were destroyed by the Israel army. Last but certainly not least, we ate kunafe, a famous Nabulsi dessert.

Though the group went back to Jerusalem after just a few short hours in Nablus, I know they left with a better understanding of what it means to be Palestinian.



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