New Triple Exposure galleries online!

New galleries of some of the top shots taken by the Triple Exposure young photographers are now available online.

Check out two new Triple Exposure albums on the TYO Facebook page –

The City of Nablus
The Children of Nablus

‘Ana beheb Nablus’ (I love Nablus). By Shahd, age 15, from El Ein refugee camp, Nablus.

A sample from these collections is also viewable on the news site Palestine Monitor.



TYO in This Week in Palestine!

TYO’s Triple Exposure project is featured in the January 2011 edition of ¨This Week in Palestine,¨a monthly periodical published locally and dealing with issues of society, culture, politics, economy, art, and literature in the West Bank and Gaza.

Our very own Rimah Rabayah, the mural art teacher for Triple Exposure, has written an article that expresses her views on the power of art education to revive a society’s traditions and heritage, as well as to build confidence, creativity, and visions for the future for the young students. Read her article, ¨Beauty and Identity for the Next Generation,¨ at This Week in Palestine’s website, or read the PDF of the January 2011 edition.

To an inexperienced eye, a yet-to-be-realised mosaic would appear to be simply a pile of broken tiles on the ground, but these young child artists have learned how to see the potential for expression and creation in the refuse of everyday life. As they work on their mosaics, my colleagues at TYO and I see the children strengthen their sense of initiative, build confidence and patience, develop a capacity for positive interaction with others, and become increasingly aware of their own potential, their own heritage, and the importance of linking the two.

Mural art student working on a mosaic at a central street of Nablus

— Doris, Project Coordinator

“Triple Exposure” is a TYO initiative that aims to develop identity, awareness, and vocational skills among children and adolescents through teaching photographic expression and the production of public art.

TYO Founder Hani Masri on Larry King Live

Hani Masri, TYO’s Founder and President, appeared on Larry King Live on Sunday night, along with Tony Blair, Salam Fayad, Ehud Barak and Haim Saban. Check out part of the show online here, or read the transcript below.

HANI MASRI, FOUNDER, TOMORROW’S YOUTH ORGANIZATION: That’s a good question, Larry. I mean we have been into this process for 15 years. And nothing has happened so far.

And I think most the majority of the Palestinians and the Israelis want a two-state solution. And — but it is frustrating. The process is very frustrating. That is why I have in the last few years paid attention to children and women in Palestine, and we started the program of helping children and women by establishing TYO.

But I hope that something will happen eventually. But the process is very difficult and very frustrating, but there is no other way except that we do a peace agreement somehow.

KING: Haim Saban, you live in America. What role should the United States be playing? Are you — are you satisfied with the role that the United States is playing with the speech made by Secretary Clinton the other day at your forum?

SABAN: I am — yes, Secretary Clinton opened the Saban Forum in Washington on Friday. And she made a very compelling speech, and I really agree with I would say 99.9 percent of her thoughts as she put them forth.

You asked Hani a minute ago why isn’t peace happening. You know it’s a very complicated area loaded with emotions, and at the moment, you know, the leaders on both sides I think are very well intended but at the same time they need some more encouragement.

And what we’re hoping is that the United States will supply that encouragement and basically the safety net that both the Israelis and the Palestinians need, because there are significant risks involved for both sides, so the United States absolutely can play a very significant role. And I believe that this administration has every intent to do so.

KING: Hani, do you have faith in the American commitment in this?

MASRI: I do, but this is a very difficult question to answer because in the last 15 years different administrations have dealt with this issue. Nothing have happened. In the meantime, we have 60 percent of the Palestinians today are under the age of 16.

There are social and cultural problems. There are issues that have to deal with the occupation and the right of freedom for people, and we must move while the politicians are negotiating. We must move on the issues of helping children, helping the economy of the Palestinians.

It is very difficult situation. Moving on helping women, empowering them to take a role in society, and that is why about a few weeks ago I’ve done this program which we chaired by Quincy Jones and Terry McAuliffe and we honored Cherie Blair, and we honored President Clinton.

And that is to bring awareness to the issues, the main issues, which is while the politicians are talking, we are going to do programs on the ground and expand our programs in terms of helping children and women in the whole — in that whole region.

And as an American I say that it’s my duty. I cannot help in the political process. That’s not my job and we are there to be supportive of both leadership, no question, on both sides want to achieve an agreement. But in the meantime, we have to move on and help and do something on the ground.

KING: All right.

MASRI: And Americans always are givers, and as an American I want to give something of my life to the people of the area.

Full transcript at

TYO Founder and President Hani Masri interviewed on MBC Arabic’s “Sabah il Kher”

On Tuesday, December 7, 2010 Nadia Bilbassy interviewed TYO Founder and President Hani Masri for MBC Arabic’s  “Sabah il Kher”  (Arabic: Good Morning) program. During the interview, Mr. Masri spoke about the importance of investing in children, youth and women in Nablus, Palestine, where he was born and many of his family members live today.

The kids come to our Center to take classes in IT, sports, music and many other subjects that are not available at their schools, Mr. Masri told MBC Arabic on Monday at TYO’s Virginia office.

Mr. Masri also commented on the importance of programming for young women and mothers. He added that the TYO Center is open to the participants’ mothers who are eager to engage in English, computer science and aerobics classes. Moreover, TYO developed a program to train young female university students interested in starting their own businesses.

Following the interview, Ms. Bilbassy commented on TYO’s innovative approach and commended Mr. Masri for investing in developing societies in the Arab world.

“Suwarna” Exhibitions A Success!

We are proud and delighted to have completed a two weeks’ traveling exhibition in the West Bank – featuring artwork by the children of Nablus! Photographs were taken by the participants in Triple Exposure, a TYO initiative that aims to develop identity, awareness, and vocational skills among adolescents through teaching photographic expression and the production of public art. These photos were displayed in three venues from October 29 to November 13, where hundreds of visitors were able to benefit from a photographic entryway into a city and people so rarely accessed by the outside world. We began with the Hashimiya School in El Bireh/Ramallah, where teachers, students, nonprofit professionals, and other education-oriented visitors to the World Education Forum were able to view and comment on our students’ photography of their homes, schools, friends, and hobbies.

"Suwarna" at the World Education Forum

The exhibition, named “Suwarna,” the Arabic word for “Our Pictures,” then moved to the Hamdi Munko Center in Nablus, where the participants and their families had the greatest opportunity to visit and show off their work to their friends and peers! The Hamdi Munko Center is a centrally-located municipal children’s center where the exhibition was visited by families, school groups, youth, professionals, and tourists originating from Jaffa to Japan.

"Suwarna" at the Hamdi Munko Center in Nablus

After a weekend in Nablus, “Suwarna” moved to the Ramallah Ottoman Court, a renovated Ottoman courthouse that is home to a beautiful exhibition space, filled with traditional stone archways and flanked by a wide balcony overlooking the Old City. Again a large number of students and professionals, young and old, visited the exhibition to appreciate the children’s artistic talents and to draw from their unique insights into life in Nablus.

Enthusiastic media coverage brought the exhibition to those who were not able to visit in person, furthering TYO’s continuing goal of teaching the young participants in “Triple Exposure” how to use their photography and art in order to connect with the world around them. See below for links to the online coverage of “Suwarna.”

Haaretz, “Nablus, through the photographic eyes of Palestinian children”

Jerusalem Media and Communication Centre, “‘Suwarna’ depicts Palestinian dreams through youth’s eyes”

Palestine Monitor, “Occupation Through A Child’s Eyes”

Nablus TV, “Tomorrow’s Youth Organization Opens the Suwarna Exhibition in Ramallah”

Nablus TV, “Tomorrow’s Youth Organization Opens the Suwarna Exhibition in Ramallah” [photo gallery]

Panet (Panorama Group), “Opening of the Suwarna Exhibition at the Hamdi Munko Center”

“Suwarna” would not have been possible without the tireless support of the Tomorrow’s Youth Organization staff and volunteers, the Ottoman Court staff, the Hamdi Munko staff, the Ramallah and Nablus Municipalities, Zoom Advertising, and the World Education Forum volunteers. We are sincerely grateful for their efforts.

In the Media: Hollywood goes to the West Bank (VIDEO)

TYO is thrilled to be featured in Palestine Note CEO Fadi Elsalameen’s recent column on The Huffington Post, “Smart Power: Hollywood goes to the West Bank.” We are indeed very proud to contribute to the smart power that Elsalameen cites, including providing children and youth in Nablus with enriching and innovative summer programming and activities.

Why would an American youth who grew up in Hollywood, worked there as an assistant director on TV shows, a graduate of Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International studies want to live and work in the West Bank city of Nablus?

It’s the same reason anyone would want to live and work anywhere else in the world: the opportunity and the reward.

Read the full text on or The Huffington Post and watch Rick’s video below!

Time magazine calls TYO an “excellent pre- and after-school program”

TYO was excited to be featured in Joe Klein’s recent column in Time magazine, “Renewal in the West Bank.” We are indeed proud to contribute to the trends that Klein cites, including institution building and increased security. That said, we couldn’t agree more with Klein’s disclaimer that all of the progress he observed during a recent visit to the West Bank (and TYO!) is tempered by major ongoing challenges including external control of “borders, the airspace, the water supply and the electricity.”

Klein also discusses the excellent work of TYO partner, the Education for Employment Foundation, with which we have a long-standing relationship and hope to start concrete collaboration in Fall 2010, in the context of a US State Department grant.

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