A summer birthday wish

I was born on August 7. Growing up, my birthday always fell smack in the middle of family vacations, sleep-away camp, and back-to-school doctor visits: there were never cupcakes in class to celebrate My Big Day. I’ve overcome this childhood struggle, and am now grateful for the chance to mark the rapid passing of years in vacation spots around the world!

But this summer, I do want a school-style party for my birthday. Or pretty close: my birthday wish is for a kid-friendly shebang on August 12 at TYO Nablus. We will be celebrating the UN’s International Youth Day, which happens to fall on the last day of TYO’s summer programs.

I’m asking friends to contribute what they can toward the party, and topping up each gift to a total of $30 (in honor of next year’s truly Big Day!). Our donations (tax deductible for US citizens, of course) will support transportation for our refugee families to get to the TYO Center, party snacks, give-aways for the kids, and an appreciation lunch for the local and international youth volunteers who help with the event!

Check out our TYO wish and help us make it a wonderful day!

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Last Days of Classes & UN International Youth Day

August 12 is the last day of TYO’s 2009 Summer Program. It also happens to be the UN’s International Youth Day.

We want to end our awesome summer with a bang, showing off all that our kids have learned and accomplished over the last 2 months.

By supporting the event, you’ll help us provide fun and games, healthy (and delicious – we swear!) snacks, and take-home treats for 400 4-18 year olds in Nablus. We’ve already got dried fruit snacks, a dabka dance group, and clowns, but with just $2.50 per child we can really thrill these kids!

Donate here.

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