Call to Action: Support us on Global Giving!

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The Global Open Challenge
From November 24 – December 21, we are competing to earn a spot on the GlobalGiving website, and earn up to US $6,000 from Global Giving by being one of the top fundraisers in the ‘Global Open’ Challenge. The organization with the greatest number of individual donations will get $3,000, and a separate $3,000 prize will go to the project raising the most money. The second and third place runners up for both achievements will get $2,000 and $1,000 respectively. In order to keep our project on GlobalGiving longer term, and use their website for ongoing fundraising, we need to raise a minimum of US $4,000 from at least 50 unique donors during the Challenge.

Your support makes a difference
If you are planning to make a donation this year, please do so by going to our project on GlobalGiving between November 24 and December 21.
100% of your tax-free donation will be put toward the children of Nablus :
  • $10 will buy 2 books for our child-friendly library
  • $25 will buy 25 plates to serve hot meals
  • $50 will provide shelves for either our library or kitchen
  • $75 will buy 3 educational board games
  • $100 will provide 4 bag bean chairs for our child-friendly library
  • $200 will help fund a dishwasher
  • $500 will buy a refrigerator
All donations given through this challenge will:
  • Purchase kitchen equipment and food to offer hot meals for children and nutrition classes for mothers
  • Build a child-friendly library with books and storytelling tools to bolster kids’ literacy skills, love of learning and tools for healthy self-expression.
We value all forms of help. If you are unable to make a financial contribution, please tell your friends and family about TYO. Help us raise awareness through your own Facebook, Twitter and blog accounts. Contact Chelsey (email to: chelsey at for more information on how to help.
Thank you,
The TYO Team!

Call to Action: Support TYO in America’s Giving Challenge!

Tomorrow’s Youth Organization enables children, youth and parents in disadvantaged areas of Nablus to realize their potential as healthy, active and responsible family and community members. America’s Giving Challenge on Facebook Causes empowers real people to realize their potential as philanthropists by hosting a challenge where the wining nonprofit is the organization that rallies the most support instead of the largest amount of funds. In short, it is the number of donors we inspire to give that matters not how much they give (so long as they meet the minimum requirement of $10).

Now you can help TYO realize its potential by donating $10.  If you donate NOW—before 3:00 pm EST on October 16—you can help TYO win today’s daily competition and a $1,000 prize. Now is the time for an exciting donation blitz! Click here to make a $10 donation to TYO.

Your $10 donation will:

  • Buy a child healthy snacks for over two weeks.
  • Fund a youth volunteer’s transportation to TYO for a week.
  • Supply enough classroom materials for one child for the whole Fall Session.

If you donate before 3:00 pm EST on November 6—remember each individual can make a $10 donation once a day until the end of the challenge—you can help TYO win a $50,000 prize!

If we win the $50,000 prize:

  • We will create a child-friendly library.
  • We will build an outside play area.
  • We will furnish a second computer lab to serve all the need we observe in Nablus.
  • We will outfit our kitchen with basic equipment in order to offer hot meals to our participants and basic nutrition and sanitation classes for our kids’ mothers in order to extend our efforts within the Center to the entire community.

Please join the TYO Team as we work to win the most donations in a single day on October 16.  With your help, we will be one step closer to becoming a genuine challenger for the overall $50,000 prize! Click here to make a $10 donation to TYO.