Last Days of Classes & UN International Youth Day

August 12 is the last day of TYO’s 2009 Summer Program. It also happens to be the UN’s International Youth Day.

We want to end our awesome summer with a bang, showing off all that our kids have learned and accomplished over the last 2 months.

By supporting the event, you’ll help us provide fun and games, healthy (and delicious – we swear!) snacks, and take-home treats for 400 4-18 year olds in Nablus. We’ve already got dried fruit snacks, a dabka dance group, and clowns, but with just $2.50 per child we can really thrill these kids!

Donate here.

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GoodSearch? Good times!

Need to look up something? Maybe find a website?

Before you run to your go-to search engine, try GoodSearch, a search engine that donates to a non-profit each time you click “Search.” There’s also GoodShop, with links to Amazon, iTunes, eBay and many of your other favorite online shopping outlets! As much as 10% of your purchase will be donated to an organization of your choosing!

Support TYO on GoodSearch by signing up to give any donations to Tomorrow’s Youth Organization (McLean, VA). We’ve already raised $13 sitting in our offices!

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How can we best help? asks Craig of craigslist

I love Craig Newmark for a few reasons, including the mere existence of craigslist, his ongoing work as a customer service rep to really keep his ear to the ground, and of course, his awesome and generous work in Palestine! But his latest entry on the Huff Post endeared him to me even further.

In A Personal Call to Service, Craig writes:

Like most humans, I’d like to save the world, but I figure I need a nap. So, I figured it’d be much easier to talk you into doing it, by talking up the efforts of people who are really effective at helping others…

I do see that Americans have always wanted to give others a break, that is, to serve.

I especially appreciated his comment that:

I take all this seriously, figuring that if someone is going to help out our general community, our nation, our world, I should help in the ways I can do best.

Working for an extremely rapidly starting-up start up, I know that I always try to keep perspective on how to best allocate my time and abilities so that I help the most. And it’s not easy! So Craig’s reflection on this point, and his respect the requests people have made of him are really inspiring! I explained a bit more in a comment on his post:

I agree about the American inclination to serve. Having worked in non-profits, and managed American volunteers, what I most appreciate about this aspect of our national identity is the self-interest. That might sound counter-intuitive, but an important part of what keeps me going, other than warm fuzzies, is everything I learn from the ‘service’ I do. I learn about myself, other people and cultures, new languages, how to do things with nothing, new ways to do things, reasons not to do things I would have done, and so on…

How can you help best?
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Computers arrive from Craig of craigslist!!

Just in the nick of time for the first day of TYO’s summer programs tomorrow, the computers donated by Craig Newmark of craigslist got to the TYO Nablus Center this afternoon! They had been held up at a checkpoint, and were possibly to be delayed until later this week. But they got in just in time, and we set them up on the locally-made, customized desks in a newly painted classroom!

Check out other pictures of our preparations for the summer on Facebook! And wish us luck with 500 little ones tomorrow πŸ™‚

Thanks to Craig of craigslist!

Tomorrow’s Youth Organization is hugely grateful to Craig Newmark, customer service rep and founder of craigslist, for today’s donation of $10,000! We also appreciate efforts by the Clinton Global Initiative and US-Palestine Partnership that helped Craig find us in his efforts to improve life in the West Bank through access to technology.

The funds will be used to buy 9 updated, web-ready computers and necessary accessories for TYO’s computer lab in Nablus. This hardware will enable the most disadvantaged and marginalized children, youth and women in Nablus, Palestine to connect with old and new friends and resources beyond their city, which is encircled by military checkpoints.

Keep your eyes on this page to see the computers in action once we get them purchased and installed! A preview of how the computers will make life better in Nablus is available here. In the meantime, shukran ktir, Craig, from the whole TYO Nablus community!