Support TYO in GlobalGiving’s Open Challenge

This holiday season, TYO is participating in GlobalGiving’s Open Challenge, a fundraising challenge for non-profits who are doing impactful work around the world. Continue reading


Call to Action: Support us on Global Giving!

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The Global Open Challenge
From November 24 – December 21, we are competing to earn a spot on the GlobalGiving website, and earn up to US $6,000 from Global Giving by being one of the top fundraisers in the ‘Global Open’ Challenge. The organization with the greatest number of individual donations will get $3,000, and a separate $3,000 prize will go to the project raising the most money. The second and third place runners up for both achievements will get $2,000 and $1,000 respectively. In order to keep our project on GlobalGiving longer term, and use their website for ongoing fundraising, we need to raise a minimum of US $4,000 from at least 50 unique donors during the Challenge.

Your support makes a difference
If you are planning to make a donation this year, please do so by going to our project on GlobalGiving between November 24 and December 21.
100% of your tax-free donation will be put toward the children of Nablus :
  • $10 will buy 2 books for our child-friendly library
  • $25 will buy 25 plates to serve hot meals
  • $50 will provide shelves for either our library or kitchen
  • $75 will buy 3 educational board games
  • $100 will provide 4 bag bean chairs for our child-friendly library
  • $200 will help fund a dishwasher
  • $500 will buy a refrigerator
All donations given through this challenge will:
  • Purchase kitchen equipment and food to offer hot meals for children and nutrition classes for mothers
  • Build a child-friendly library with books and storytelling tools to bolster kids’ literacy skills, love of learning and tools for healthy self-expression.
We value all forms of help. If you are unable to make a financial contribution, please tell your friends and family about TYO. Help us raise awareness through your own Facebook, Twitter and blog accounts. Contact Chelsey (email to: chelsey at for more information on how to help.
Thank you,
The TYO Team!

America’s Giving Challenge: Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who helped Tomorrow’s Youth Organization in America’s Giving Challenge. The competition was incredibly stiff, and we did not win a top prize. However, we finished in the top 2% of over 6,000 organizations who participated – a real achievement for us in our very first Giving Challenge!

And even more importantly, we raised so much awareness about our cause and organization! In the last month, I have talked to so many people who are excited about TYO and our work. Maggie, a former intern, emailed over 50 friends and family members about her experience at TYO last summer and asked them to donate. Triple Exposure Coordinator Doris recruited six of her friends as donors, all of whom are recent college graduates, which speaks to their philanthropic spirit. Maggie, Doris and other like them became the voice of TYO during this challenge. They shared their personal experiences in Nablus with others, impressing upon their audience the importance of our work, which they have seen firsthand. Further, 200 new friends joined our Cause on Facebook in the last month!

In total we had 100 donors and raised a total of $2,065! It was an incredible effort by all! These gifts will be put toward renovations for our Nablus Center, including an high-priority goal for 2010 to outfit our kitchen with basic equipment in order to offer more complete, nutritious meals for TYO participants, and basic nutrition and sanitation classes for our mothers.

Thank you everyone!


Chelsey is the Program Coordinator at TYO Nablus.

Thank You! Today we are No. 10 and that is No. 1 in our book!

Congratulations everyone! We slid onto the leaderboard at No. 10 today!

We raised $845 for TYO! 100% of your donations will go straight to improving the lives of children in Nablus!

Thank you to everyone who donated and put up with my constant updates! 🙂 We really appreciate all your hard work, which landed us in the No. 10 spot today.  We are No. 46 out of 5,156 organizations overall!

Please continue to spread the word as we contend for the $50,000 prize! Remember you can make a donation again! So long as it isn’t in the same 24 hour period it will count as a new donation towards the overall prize!

Thank you so much!


Last Days of Classes & UN International Youth Day

August 12 is the last day of TYO’s 2009 Summer Program. It also happens to be the UN’s International Youth Day.

We want to end our awesome summer with a bang, showing off all that our kids have learned and accomplished over the last 2 months.

By supporting the event, you’ll help us provide fun and games, healthy (and delicious – we swear!) snacks, and take-home treats for 400 4-18 year olds in Nablus. We’ve already got dried fruit snacks, a dabka dance group, and clowns, but with just $2.50 per child we can really thrill these kids!

Donate here.

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New Van helps TYO to unite Nablus

A generous donation from a philanthropist in Cairo funded the purchase of a new 19-passenger van for the Tomorrow’s Youth Organization center in Nablus! The van means a lot to TYO’s entire community, because they come to TYO from all over the city of Nablus and its refugee camps.

As a result of poverty, minimal public transportation infrastructure, and the safety risks of moving around the city, most Nabulsis with whom we work have never ventured beyond their immediate neighborhoods. Further, the large population of the three refugee camps within the city limits (about 1/3 of Nablus’s 120,000 people) is as isolated from residents of the ‘city’ of Nablus as those in the far-away city of Jerusalem.

TYO Van Stereotypes and mistrust flourish as a result of this lack of exposure to residents of Nablus’s other camps and neighborhoods. Indeed, on the first days of each TYO session, we see a variety of name-calling, teasing, and occasional physical conflict among the children who live in different areas of the city. Tensions have even flared between mothers from different neighborhoods in aerobics and computer classes.

But these quickly subside as the participants get to know each other. This spring, one family said: “Our children have formed new friendships across Balata/Askar lines” [two refugee camps located next to each other on the edge of Nablus].

This summer, for the first time, we have opened registration for some of the summer camps run by international interns to families from the city of Nablus who do not live in the five at-risk areas where most of our beneficiaries live. With the incentive of enjoying a high-quality educational and fun summer program, both children and parents have put aside their stereotypes about people they don’t usually associate with and we’ve seen barriers tumble. Summer intern Doris reports that some of the new participants from the city request to visit other classes at TYO, eager to join in on the movie-making, photo-taking fun with the participants from the camps and our other primary target areas.

On its pick-up route throughout the city, the new IVECO van helps TYO to invigorate and unite the city of Nablus, one family at a time!
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GoodSearch? Good times!

Need to look up something? Maybe find a website?

Before you run to your go-to search engine, try GoodSearch, a search engine that donates to a non-profit each time you click “Search.” There’s also GoodShop, with links to Amazon, iTunes, eBay and many of your other favorite online shopping outlets! As much as 10% of your purchase will be donated to an organization of your choosing!

Support TYO on GoodSearch by signing up to give any donations to Tomorrow’s Youth Organization (McLean, VA). We’ve already raised $13 sitting in our offices!

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