Free money for TYO’s kitchen and library

Yet another Facebook challenge – this time, you get 20 (FREE) votes to choose the charity that ‘matters’ most, and Chase will give them up to $1,000,000. YES, that’s One Million Dollars.

As you may have been reading in the news, or our Twitter feed, Early Childhood Education matters. Especially for children growing up in poverty, amidst violence, or other stressful conditions, having access to high-quality programs during their earliest years is proven to improve their chances of doing better in school,having higher-paying jobs, and staying out of jail. As far as we’re concerned, those are results that matter!

So, especially today – International Children’s Day – take a second to vote for TYO and other child-focused charities in the Chase Community giving program. And spread the word 🙂

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America’s Giving Challenge: Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who helped Tomorrow’s Youth Organization in America’s Giving Challenge. The competition was incredibly stiff, and we did not win a top prize. However, we finished in the top 2% of over 6,000 organizations who participated – a real achievement for us in our very first Giving Challenge!

And even more importantly, we raised so much awareness about our cause and organization! In the last month, I have talked to so many people who are excited about TYO and our work. Maggie, a former intern, emailed over 50 friends and family members about her experience at TYO last summer and asked them to donate. Triple Exposure Coordinator Doris recruited six of her friends as donors, all of whom are recent college graduates, which speaks to their philanthropic spirit. Maggie, Doris and other like them became the voice of TYO during this challenge. They shared their personal experiences in Nablus with others, impressing upon their audience the importance of our work, which they have seen firsthand. Further, 200 new friends joined our Cause on Facebook in the last month!

In total we had 100 donors and raised a total of $2,065! It was an incredible effort by all! These gifts will be put toward renovations for our Nablus Center, including an high-priority goal for 2010 to outfit our kitchen with basic equipment in order to offer more complete, nutritious meals for TYO participants, and basic nutrition and sanitation classes for our mothers.

Thank you everyone!


Chelsey is the Program Coordinator at TYO Nablus.

Today’s Count Down Begins three hours left!

With just 3 hours left until the end of today’s daily competition of America’s Giving Challenge, Tomorrow’s Youth Organization HAS REACHED THE TOP TEN!

As those in the top ten spots continue to fight for the top spot, we must work even harder to fight for a space among them! Please help us fight for them and for the right to childhood for Palestinian children in Nablus!  We have made tremendous progress, building significant momentum and catapulting ourselves into one of the top 100 spots for the overall $50,000 prize! Currently, we are only 13 spots outside of the TOP FIFTY!

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Call to Action: Support TYO in America’s Giving Challenge!

Tomorrow’s Youth Organization enables children, youth and parents in disadvantaged areas of Nablus to realize their potential as healthy, active and responsible family and community members. America’s Giving Challenge on Facebook Causes empowers real people to realize their potential as philanthropists by hosting a challenge where the wining nonprofit is the organization that rallies the most support instead of the largest amount of funds. In short, it is the number of donors we inspire to give that matters not how much they give (so long as they meet the minimum requirement of $10).

Now you can help TYO realize its potential by donating $10.  If you donate NOW—before 3:00 pm EST on October 16—you can help TYO win today’s daily competition and a $1,000 prize. Now is the time for an exciting donation blitz! Click here to make a $10 donation to TYO.

Your $10 donation will:

  • Buy a child healthy snacks for over two weeks.
  • Fund a youth volunteer’s transportation to TYO for a week.
  • Supply enough classroom materials for one child for the whole Fall Session.

If you donate before 3:00 pm EST on November 6—remember each individual can make a $10 donation once a day until the end of the challenge—you can help TYO win a $50,000 prize!

If we win the $50,000 prize:

  • We will create a child-friendly library.
  • We will build an outside play area.
  • We will furnish a second computer lab to serve all the need we observe in Nablus.
  • We will outfit our kitchen with basic equipment in order to offer hot meals to our participants and basic nutrition and sanitation classes for our kids’ mothers in order to extend our efforts within the Center to the entire community.

Please join the TYO Team as we work to win the most donations in a single day on October 16.  With your help, we will be one step closer to becoming a genuine challenger for the overall $50,000 prize! Click here to make a $10 donation to TYO.

A summer birthday wish

I was born on August 7. Growing up, my birthday always fell smack in the middle of family vacations, sleep-away camp, and back-to-school doctor visits: there were never cupcakes in class to celebrate My Big Day. I’ve overcome this childhood struggle, and am now grateful for the chance to mark the rapid passing of years in vacation spots around the world!

But this summer, I do want a school-style party for my birthday. Or pretty close: my birthday wish is for a kid-friendly shebang on August 12 at TYO Nablus. We will be celebrating the UN’s International Youth Day, which happens to fall on the last day of TYO’s summer programs.

I’m asking friends to contribute what they can toward the party, and topping up each gift to a total of $30 (in honor of next year’s truly Big Day!). Our donations (tax deductible for US citizens, of course) will support transportation for our refugee families to get to the TYO Center, party snacks, give-aways for the kids, and an appreciation lunch for the local and international youth volunteers who help with the event!

Check out our TYO wish and help us make it a wonderful day!

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