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    EFL Fellow Moh's class enjoys an activity.

    EFL Fellow Leandro leads his class.

    EFL Student Renad plays a game during EFL class.

    EFL students Adham and Saad perform a skit during EFL class.

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Triple Exposure Rockin’ Out

My 12-14 year-olds coming from the local camps arrived at TYO enthused, eager and ready to learn. Weeks before, they had signed up for my photography class, Triple Exposure, hailing from all the local refugee camps: Old Askar, New Askar, Balata and Al-Ein.  Additionally, a few others come from the surrounding neighborhood of Khalleh and the Old City of Nablus.

While the focus of our first week was to introduce the students to TYO and our overall goals for the semester, we branched off and found many great, unexpected successes. The students showed skills that I thought would take time to develop such as creativity and perspective. The scavenger hunt activity that we did on day one gives testament to these skills.

The angles, use of light, and their passion was evident with each photograph. Furthermore, I thought that it would take many classes- even weeks for the students to learn how to use a Nikon or Canon DSLR camera; however, this was not the case. The students masterfully focused on their subject, adjusted the magnification and great photos resulted. Continue reading

Triple Exposure Mural complete in El Ein boys’ school

Last week, Rimah and the volunteers, in conjunction with a group of eight students, completed a new mural in a classroom at the UNRWA boys’ school in El Ein refugee camp in Nablus. The eight boys, all around 14 years old, had a prior interest in art, and this shone through in their natural affinity for painting. They were full of ideas not only for the mural but also about their futures, and football – asking Rimah if she was a Real Madrid or Barcelona fan – two of the most popular teams here.

Many of them had been to TYO when they were younger, attending the photography and painting classes. Some still find the time to put pen to paper and draw or paint for fun. However El Ein School does not have an art teacher, so this was a great chance not only for the boys to be creative but also to brighten up the classroom for everyone.

We would like to thank El Ein School for such a well organised, well chosen group of boys. They were so talented and professional, and the already established friendships made for some brilliant teamwork!

TYO and the National Children’s Museum Celebrate Nablus!

On Saturday April 9, TYO and partner, The National Children’s Museum (NCM), celebrated the 1-year mark of the Launch Zone’s exhibits about Nablus, which has provided communities with incite to children’s lives in the city. Over the past year, Launch Zone visitors from across the United States have learned about Nabulsi food, play, and celebrations through three interactive exhibits created in collaboration between TYO and NCM. Throughout the festive day, families enjoyed delicious Arabic food, arts and crafts activities, and storytelling from around the world.


Attendees snacked on delicious Maamoul, Spinach Fatayer, Manaeesh with Zaatar, and Hummus!

In addition, TYO proudly unveiled the Suwarna (Our Pictures) photography exhibit for the fist time in the US! Suwarna is a collection of images taken by the participants in the Triple Exposure Program, a TYO initiative that promotes art education for youth, community access to public art, and a better worldwide understanding of Palestine.

Suwarna Images on display at the Launch Zone

The Suwarna and the Nablus Celebrations exhibits will be displayed at NCM’s Launch Zone at the National Harbor for only a few more weeks. Take advantage of the spring weather with a day at the Harbor and catch them before they’re gone!

The TYO Team sends a special message of gratitude to our friends at NCM for very special day and to all the families who joined in the fun!


Stitching a Palestinian design at the Nablus Celebration


New Photo of the Week on the Triple Exposure website!

Check out this week’s photo of the week by Triple Exposure photography student Doha, as described by TYO intern Mathilda:

Twelve year old Doha is from Khallet-al Amood, Nablus. Like many of the Triple Exposure kids, she loves to photograph her siblings. She took this photo of her one year old brother, Omar, on the terrace when he was crying out for their mother.

A sneak peak!

“Triple Exposure” is an initiative of Tomorrow’s Youth Organization to promote art education for youth, community access to public art, and a better worldwide understanding of Palestine.

April 9: A Children’s Photography Exhibition at the National Children’s Museum in Maryland!

The West Bank is a place that never fails to attract media attention for its politics and conflict and history, but what gets much less attention is what the life of a Palestinian is really like. Even less known is what the life of a Palestinian child is like, since, being too young to write novels or poems or articles or songs, younger Palestinian children are usually forced to allow the older generations to speak for them. The story of how a young boy or girl grows up to become the person we then read about in the news is so rarely told, and rarely is it told without the interference of someone else’s interpretation.

The simplicity of a point-and-shoot digital camera allows us to begin to breach this gap in storytelling and expression. Since 2009, students at TYO have been taking home digital cameras to photograph and share their lives. TYO’s exhibition of the children’s photography, through an initiative of the Triple Exposure project, ran in the West Bank last year.

It is now moving to the States for the first time!  Come see their photography at an event on April 9 to be held at the National Children’s Museum in National Harbor, Maryland.

What: Nablus Celebration: food, activities, storytelling, photography, and more
Where: The NCM Launch Zone, 112 Waterfront St., National Harbor, MD 20745 Launch Google Maps
When: Saturday, April 9, 2011 11:00 am to 4:00 pm
Who: Open to the public and family friendly!
Cost: FREE!

We hope you can join us!

“Triple Exposure” is an initiative of Tomorrow’s Youth Organization to promote art education for youth, community access to public art, and a better worldwide understanding of Palestine.

New Photo Story on the Triple Exposure website!

Check out this week’s photo story by Triple Exposure photography student Mohammed, as described by TYO intern Mathilda:

Mohammad has a brilliant sense of humour and brings a lot of laughter to class. This shines through in his photos too. Rather than just photographing what he sees around him, he created his own subject out of a piece of cactus, and went on to arrange it in different locations so that he could experiment with perspective and light to produce these distinct and memorable images.

A sneak peak!

“Triple Exposure” is an initiative of Tomorrow’s Youth Organization to promote art education for youth, community access to public art, and a better worldwide understanding of Palestine.

World Water Day 2011: Views on water from TYO kids

On World Water Day 2011, many of us will pause in the rhythm of our daily lives to think about the increasingly pressing relevance of water issues to global concerns. Some of us are less affected by these problems than others, some parts of the world face challenges of water scarcity, others struggle with devastating flooding.

Water shortage is widely known to be a pressing challenge in the Middle East and the West Bank. Please take a moment to view the photos below, which were taken by Triple Exposure photography students during a photo assignment to illustrate the meaning of water in their lives.

Triple Exposure students in an empty swimming pool

A "water fountain" in the center of Nablus

Fun and play with water(falls)

Another swimming pool, lying empty even during rainy season

A "swimming pool" at a park near Nablus

Want to read more about water issues around the world and learn what you can do to address these challenges globally and in the West Bank? Visit the World Water Day website!

“Triple Exposure” is an initiative of Tomorrow’s Youth Organization to promote art education for youth, community access to public art, and a better worldwide understanding of Palestine.